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Facemined 0

It still boggles my logic unit that people don’t get that Facebook is the equivalent of a school locker that everyone can go through.

BBC Writes Facebook Data Mining Application

Some people don’t care. Others are just unbelievably naive.

Being part of the information economy… 0

..the tale in the article below comes as no surprise to me, but I know it will jar some of the people in my circle a little. If you like your privacy, or just don’t like unsolicited offers and junk mail, please allow me to completely ruin your day with this link:

The Anonymity Experiment

Yes its been awhile 0

and I hope to write more soon, but I have yet to come up with a unifying theme of thought.

So instead, let’s increase your vocab: moral panic

Also, played “Rock Band” on PlayStation for the first time yesterday.  Interesting game, dangerously addictive. Our band is “The Punty Mutts”. Look for our CD to drop… 😉

Merry Christmas! 0

Have a video!

Blog Vacation 0

I guess I’m on one, if only because I haven’t felt the urge to post.

Except for right now. And when I feel like it later.

Holidays Coming… 0

Don’t expect too much, except some possible Blackberry 8830 test posting.

Thats is correct, I did not go for the iPhone. For some reason I enjoy US Cellular…

Moving things along 2

It’s been a busy week! Don’t expect much from me until next Monday.

The Fires of San Diego 0

I’m hoping to head west to see my California compatriots in February, one of which [regreaser] lives in San Diego. Hopefully it will still be there when I’d like to visit.

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Here’s some more on the fires:

The day I don’t post anything 2

is the day my sister points out I have a blog.

Hello and welcome to all the Heidiheads.

An Edition of “What I Am Reading” 0

Not all on paper.

  • Version Control With Subversion
  • “The Fountainhead” – sorta. Alicia says I’m supposed to read it, and I agreed. Pointers, George [or anyone else]?
  • “Schooling in a Corporate Society” – even more sorta. The cover beckons me, need to scan it and share.

Like saying it out loud and writing it down, all at once.

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