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1170% 0

…of your daily value of cholesterol. That is what this product promises.

German Forklift Safety 0

The fun begins at 1:40.

via Reddit

I bet they install ejector seats too 0

This is fascinating.

Thanks to Q for the link.

The Museum of Broadcast Communication 0

I will have to visit this place whence I am in Chicago next. Possibly learning correct English of the written sort too there when I am maybe?

Have a lookie:

‘Homebrew’ Holiday Tree 0

Via Lifehacker

I know a few people that will now probably try this.

Expensive Shiny Rocks 0

Thank the sweet baby jesus for Sarah Haskins:

Totally ripping off Consumerist on this one, even if they can’t embed correctly (will prob be fixed when you click, at least i hope.)

‘Black September’ 0

A DKos diarist takes a look at the month the financial calamity began to begin the ‘first drafts of history’. For those who don’t want to read the entire thing, here’s some of the meat from the conclusion:

American consumers sustained two massive shocks as a result of Black September.  First, their confidence was shattered not just by news of corporate collapses, including sensationalistic reports that they were newly responsible for trillions of dollars’ worth of mortgages, but more importantly by the magnification of those collapses by the public figures (the President, the Treasury Secretary, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Senators and Members of Congress) in statements that quite plainly advised Americans that imminent panic over the fate of the entire economy was a proper reaction.  And panic American consumers did, as millions of households listened to a President’s speech telling them that the End was Imminent, and then had sober discussions over the kitchen table in which they decided to drastically pull back on discretionary spending, literally overnight.

Full Article Here

Resourceful Iowans 0

I wonder how lemon pepper would fare…

It’s as if it never should have existed… 0

Market seems to be doing what markets do…correcting.

From AP/Yahoo!

According to the Dow Jones Wilshire 5000 index, Wednesday’s paper losses amounted to about $600 billion. By that measure, the stock market has shed $9.1 trillion since the index’s Oct. 9, 2007, peak.

This is coming some from the news that the US Treasury isn’t doing what it originally said it was going to do. I guess they’re on the ‘Change’ bandwagon?

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