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Ozark Cousins 0

From the talented noggins at Harmony Joyride Productions:

After months of riding and roping, Ozark Cousins, the movie named after the album, named after the band, will have its world premiere on August 25h at 9pm! Can I get a “hells yeah!”? OK, a howdy will do. The flick is showing at Elegant Mr. Gallery in Chicago. The night is BYOB. Since it’s a cowboy movie that also stands for “Bring Your Own Boots.”

For the link impaired, here is the trailer fro this feature length music video. I suggest you check it out, then get in your car and get to Chicago. It’s OK to be early, just bring a sammich.


It was weird as a song 0

It’s even weirder as a video.

Barnes & Barnes: Fish Heads

Via an in-law

AT&T. Your world, censored. 0

The Net Neutrality debate just got alot more interesting…


After concluding our Sunday night show at Lollapalooza, fans informed us that portions of that performance were missing and may have been censored by AT&T during the “Blue Room” Live Lollapalooza Webcast.

When asked about the missing performance, AT&T informed Lollapalooza that portions of the show were in fact missing from the webcast, and that their content monitor had made a mistake in cutting them.

Found via a DKos article, which including the following observation:

That’s right. AT&T, like other telcos who say you can “just trust them” not to censor content in the absence of mandatory net neutrality, just did exactly what everyone who’s worried about net neutrality always believe they would do.

What’d that take? About ten seconds?

For more information on net neutrality and ways you can help protect expression on the internet, click thru to Save the Internet.

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Tay’s Internet Dream 0

Thanks to the ever present and precocious Reese Witherspoon, the following has come to my attention:

The address bar problem is pandemic, has gotten my moms too.

For more, Clickety-click.

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