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Then you should watch this:

The Secret History of the Credit Card

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Radoslav Lorkovic, a current client of my website design business, and a former brother-in-law, was recently on the Tavis Smiley show performing with folk legend Odetta. I thought it best to share. Follow the Youtube links after the video for more Odetta, and for more Radoslav, visit his site or his mySpace page.

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We start the day with the IM buffer regreaser left me over the weekend:

Here’s some more:

Today’s vocab words: phenomenology, flocking

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In Dusty Archives, a Theory of Affluence, an article in the NY Times has some interesting thoughts on the history of the industrial revolution:

Generation after generation, the rich had more surviving children than the poor, his research showed. That meant there must have been constant downward social mobility as the poor failed to reproduce themselves and the progeny of the rich took over their occupations. “The modern population of the English is largely descended from the economic upper classes of the Middle Ages,” he concluded.

It is fascinating to me that we still do not have a true handle on how we got where we are, and by extension, what it has/is costing us. For, what are we really?

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