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Video Daily Double 0

Found both these on Facebook via the friend feed.

From Heidi:

From Pyatt:

Night of the Lepus 0

Being a rabbit fancier, I must find this movie. The horror!

via Cracked

Expensive Shiny Rocks 0

Thank the sweet baby jesus for Sarah Haskins:

Totally ripping off Consumerist on this one, even if they can’t embed correctly (will prob be fixed when you click, at least i hope.)

Scary Numbers 1

The logical disconnects some people go to in order to be ‘safe’…

Via Mr.George

It’s Sad They Had To Choose 0


Unity ticket?

How Big Is the Whale? [Phillies Rally Kid] 0

Phillies fans are a fun-loving group. This kid looks so confused.

Little Kid Rallies Philly Fans – Watch more Free Videos

via Digg

Run Steven Run 1

From Jacob.

Happy Halloween 0

Click the picture for an entertaining Fark thread [pic source].


Cat-vid tennis 2

The return for this from my sister

is below…

German Hawkeye Fans React 0

Ye gods, this is hilarious.

Thanks to Mr. Tommy Lang for passing this one along.

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