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Techno Chicken [and Pelosi?] 0

The ‘original’

I guess this is from an Australian Domino’s commercial.

Bonus vid from Wreck and Salvage:

Nancy Pelosi Techno Chicken from wreckandsalvage on Vimeo.

Found the former by way of the latter. Oh, and check out the W&S redesign. Fancy pants, those fellas.

Ridiculousness Disguised As Government 0

If you have been paying attention, you may have noticed that the United States government has reached a level of [choose your favorite] stupidity, ludicrousness, lack of institutional memory, brazen disregard for anything resembling reality, inferred hallucinogenic drug use, soul crushing asshattery, and intelligence insulting rhetoric that has surpassed any and all measure. I lament for our descendants and am redefining the upper bound of contemptuousness for the Federalist system.

Case in point, as beautifully and satisfyingly portrayed on Mr. Stewart’s lovely show:

I hope there will be a return to accountability and common sense within my lifetime. I also hope to live forever. I think the chances for both are just about equal.

BONUS: Pictures from the conflict zone taken by a local. []

Book Chat with Rainn Wilson 1

It’s a plug for his new movie, but some of the props and effects hit a little close to home. Jubi Show watchers will know what I mean.

Part 1

Part 2

One Dollar 0

Kevino’s numero dos NYFILM.

Iowa Winery, Free Tasting 0

Vino-4-U Free Wine Tasting

Full disclosure – I am the webmaster for Brush Creek Winery, a young Eastern Iowa winery. If you’re in the area or looking for something to do, definitely stop by. The Weustes are great people. The wines are pretty good too…

ACM-Midwest Conference Highlight Reel 0

ACM = Alliance for Community Media

In my capacity of general community media support and a bit of Telecommunications Commissioner, I was in attendance at the ACM-Midwest’s annual conference held at the lovely Columbia College in Chicago.

I’m in the video below (web video guy).

I got to talking a little fast. Sorry.

The powerpoint I talk about is here.

Dr. Horrible 0

The latest from Mr. Whedon (Buffy, Firefly), Dr. Horrible :

Teaser from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog on Vimeo.

I much look forward to it.

via Wired

Eddy n Rex (love the ladies) 0

Find more videos like this on Droppin Shorts

Kev’s NY Film Debut!

Odetta & Radoslav 0

Radoslav Lorkovic, a current client of my website design business, and a former brother-in-law, was recently on the Tavis Smiley show performing with folk legend Odetta. I thought it best to share. Follow the Youtube links after the video for more Odetta, and for more Radoslav, visit his site or his mySpace page.

Newsish 10/12/2007 1

Bump it, grind it, now side to side. Good. Friday! Newsish! Do it!

Today’s Non-Existant Band Name: Injected Cognition

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