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Because accountability is for suckers.

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If you have been paying attention, you may have noticed that the United States government has reached a level of [choose your favorite] stupidity, ludicrousness, lack of institutional memory, brazen disregard for anything resembling reality, inferred hallucinogenic drug use, soul crushing asshattery, and intelligence insulting rhetoric that has surpassed any and all measure. I lament for our descendants and am redefining the upper bound of contemptuousness for the Federalist system.

Case in point, as beautifully and satisfyingly portrayed on Mr. Stewart’s lovely show:

I hope there will be a return to accountability and common sense within my lifetime. I also hope to live forever. I think the chances for both are just about equal.

BONUS: Pictures from the conflict zone taken by a local. []

The Name Game 0

People can be stupid. Really stupid [BBC]:

Officials had blocked Sex Fruit, Keenan Got Lucy and Yeah Detroit, he said, but Number 16 Bus Shelter, Violence and Midnight Chardonnay had been allowed.

So Crumbum Habberdasher Sir Monkeyface is still available?

Arrested for Eating Ice Cream 0

Belarus, Flash Mobs and the Ice Cream Revolution

In Belarus, young people are employing flash mobs to push the boundaries of what the government will tolerate in terms of free assembly. Last Friday, flash mobbers descended upon a public square in the capital Minsk to gather together and eat ice cream. No rally, no speeches, no sit-in nor march – just standing around and eating ice cream

[Thx George]


Now they’re not even pretending you have privacy or 4th Amendment protections. If the president says…

Grab The Cash With Both Hands… 0

I’ve been watching with interest the State’s takeover of the 1-cent local option sales tax, under the guise of ‘funding education’. While not fundamentally opposed to taxation, I am opposed to the idea of redirecting money that is slated for a specific purpose to pet projects or just budget shore-up (usually due to ‘unshoring’ somewhere else), without any explanation. So color me unsurprised by the following development, stated in his usually ‘eloquent’ way by State29: Local Option Sales Tax Money To Be Diverted To Corporate Welfare?

He also links to a resource I had not yet played with: BillWatch (Iowa Legislature). Am interested to see if its worth a damn. I’m guessing that none of the Local Mandatory Sales Tax will be going to foster and ensure transparency tools such as these…

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Newsish 11/29/07 4

Sorry I haven’t been around, but we’ll always have NEWSISH:

Newsish 10/24/2007 0

Some local, some telco, somebody put together some newsish:

Today’s Vocab Word: noumenon

FRIDAY NEWSISH 10/19/2007 1

I eat a burrito after work on Fridays, thusly I call them “Burrito Fridays.” Yes I understand the level of innovation on that naming convention. But thats not why you are here. BRING OUT THE NEWSISH!

Light posting today. Enjoy your weekend.

Today’s vocab word: mantrap

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