WiFi In Iowa City

The folks over at City Channel 4 in Iowa City have put together a nice Google Map overlay of WiFi hotspots in Iowa City. Check it out and go utilize those connections:

Iowa City WiFi Hotspots

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  1. Heidi on September 5th, 2007

    WOW. That’s a damn lot of free internets. But how do they fit all those series of tubes in such a small area?

  2. clever on September 5th, 2007

    Most are regular ‘home’ type wireless routers with a range of 100m or so with a clear line of sight, less without. Thus, most businesses have to have their own and cannot rely on leeching of their neighbors. There is a group that is trying to put up wireless networks in the public spaces around town, but as of yet they have not found the sustained funding to implement a robust network.

    That and they have the city crews come around with special wireless mallets and tamp the signals down when they expand too much. 😉

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