Clever’s Newsish Items 9/18/2007

Took a few days off, as is my perogative. 😛

Secrets of the 6V battery revealed! I had no idea.

Wreck and Salvage Season NUMERO GIGANTE DOS is and has been available! Seems to have a nude theme started…interested if they ride that the whole season. Nerds should start here and then thank Miss Witherspoon.

Bob Dylan is still not dead and is dragging Elvis to Iowa City. This item aimed at a certain Californian of my acquaintance.

Sprint is breaking into WiFi/Cell hybrid market. Good to see movement on this technology. If one person were to digest the idea thoroughly, one could see why deploying a common carrier WiFi network not controlled by a major telco conglomorate would be advantageous to innovation and local commerce, as well as providing a revenue stream from said major telco conglomorate. And just think if that one person were on an oversight board…

The New York Times ends the online pay service. Good. This was a silly move for many newspapers and I’m glad to see it start to fade away. Sell subscriptions for the service of removing those annoying ads, not to read the articles.

NY Telco PAETEC buying McLeodUSA. More local telco stuff, but the level of Fino-investo-manager speak in the buyers statement is worth a read. (e.g. – ‘synergies’)

Sperm donor litigation discussion. Interesting conundrum on posthumous insemination and inheritances. I think the Gazette just wanted to put ‘Sperm’ in a headline.

‘Tramp Stamp’ safety concerns. Tattooed and preggers? You may not want to get that epidural.

Nicholas Johnson weighs in (last Friday) on the push to arm campus police, and how that reflects on us as a society. I agree wholeheartedly that the rush to give University DPS guns should be much more tempered than it currently is. Be sure to poke around over at Mr. Johnson’s blog, there’s a lot there to think about.

ACLU supports Larry Craig (R-ID) in his bid to withdraw his guilty plea. The cultural and legal issues/information that are coming out because of this keeps on surprising me. Good on the ACLU for throwing their hat in. Make sure to catch the tidbit about Mr. Craig’s civil rights voting record at the end. [Hat tip to George on this find]

More coming…sometime…

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  1. George on September 18th, 2007

    tough to stalk dylan when he’s on tour like this,
    i’m waiting in my van in your driveway bob.

  2. clever on September 18th, 2007

    make sure you keep room for his walker.

  3. quirk on September 18th, 2007

    i have it on good authority that the nude theme will persist, and possibly even snowball, for at least one more week. after that it’s up to the lord, who has final script veto.

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