Clever’s Newsish Items 9/25/2007

Morning! Let’s start…

FCC Proposes ‘Fake News’ Fine – Some more background on VNR’s here and here. The latter I remember watching on one of the local broadcasts [it escapes me which one]. It’s gone so far as to have warranted an ethics studybeing produced.

Scandal! Over Downtown Planter (mis?)Advertising – It’s not a beer ‘garden’, its a beer ‘planter box leased to a restaurant entity’. And it’s still a crappy idea.

State bureaucrats trained to lobby for REAL ID – First VNR’s pushed by the vendors to help advertise their ‘product’, now vendors helping the push for a law so they can sell more equipment. Government sure is great business [when you’re connected].

Victorious RIAA defendant gets attorneys’ fees, turns to class-action plans – this is a good step. Suing people, lots of people, because your business model is broken is not something to be encouraged.

Intellectual Property Protection Act of 2007 – This is some truly piss poor (proposed) legislation.

It’s the afternoon! What’s regreaser reading?

Spy Chief’s Crazy Interview Can’t Save Anti-Data Mining Suit, Feds Tell Court

ACLU Sets New “Surveillance Society Clock” At Six Minutes Before Midnight

Short Cuts

Tax Profs: Bill Belichick Can Deduct His $500,000 Fine

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