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The Day’s Wanderings 0

All in under an hour…

Liviu Librescu

F.D.A. Finds Short Supply of Attention Deficit Drugs

Installing Jenkins on Ubuntu


Firefox Setup 9.0.1

Iowa GOP


Google Search: Buddy Roemer

Gay Marriage Will Replace Corporate Farming 0

It’s true, I saws it on the internets.

via Dkos

STP Wherever You Are 0

I consider this a public service.

Discover Stone Temple Pilots!


Deezer +1

Wishing for 3G 0

US Cellular still does not have 3G. They tell me it’ll be soon. Until then, here’s what I get…

UPDATE – Roaming around the web, found this tidbit:

Oct 28th – Launch EVDO (aka “Mobile Broadband”) in the following markets…..drum roll please…

Des Moines

Early 2009:
Remainder of Iowa (except IA16)
ETN/WNC markets
(Including TN3 & NC1)

State of the Internets 0

In terms of Latency:

Internet Health Report

Thanks mialber.

Deezer 0


Music from around the world, but the website is based in France.

I am currently using it to listen to Beck’s new album, Modern Guilt.


Discover Beck!

About Deezer [official site]

Non-Code-Geeks, Please look away 2

I need to finish this later, but the first 15 minutes is pretty informative. Here at the old IMFO Ranch we’re in discussions on frameworks, so it was a nice surprise to be able to get a small list of whats available in a humorous package.

Running time is 1 hour. If you do internet websites or websites on the internet, you’ll enjoy it. If you do web internets on site, you probably won’t.

Why I Hate Django. DjangoCon 2008 Keynote: Cal Henderson

via reddit

How the ‘Net Works 0

Strangely relevant to a conversation I was having over lunch with the Lovely One. I bring you, via Ars Technica, the following informational article:

How the ‘Net works: an introduction to peering and transit By Rudolph van der Berg

I heavily suggest your perusal.

Techno Chicken [and Pelosi?] 0

The ‘original’

I guess this is from an Australian Domino’s commercial.

Bonus vid from Wreck and Salvage:

Nancy Pelosi Techno Chicken from wreckandsalvage on Vimeo.

Found the former by way of the latter. Oh, and check out the W&S redesign. Fancy pants, those fellas.

ACM-Midwest Conference Highlight Reel 0

ACM = Alliance for Community Media

In my capacity of general community media support and a bit of Telecommunications Commissioner, I was in attendance at the ACM-Midwest’s annual conference held at the lovely Columbia College in Chicago.

I’m in the video below (web video guy).

I got to talking a little fast. Sorry.

The powerpoint I talk about is here.

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