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Booyah for T-shirts 0

That’s what attempts to bring. Locally inspired and screen printed.

A sample of wares:

Visit now!

Lazy Fashion 0


Jacob thinks the designer might be Leslie Hall.

Cubicle Defense 0

Thanks to Michael A for the link.

A new cloud 0

A formation of clouds over Cedar Rapids 3 years ago is on the verge of being classified as a new cloud type. Oddly, the world has taken notice. Pictures at the links below.

Gazette Story

BBC Photoset [includes one of CR!]

Soapbox Army 0

A band including a Kevin I know. If you’re in NYC, check em out sometime.

The Tower from Soapbox Army on Vimeo.

Which Side of the Road? 0

In preparing for an upcoming trip to France and Italy, I found myself wondering what side of the road I would need to place myself on when driving. Thankfully, Google found me someone to answer that question. Now I share it with you.

Which Side of the Road Do They Drive On?

Gay Marriage Will Replace Corporate Farming 0

It’s true, I saws it on the internets.

via Dkos

Prescience 0

Byron Dorgan (D-ND), in 1999:

Part 1

Part 2

Via DKos – Click for transcript.

Unanimous 0

Glad Iowa is taking the lead in this.

Gay marriage legal in Iowa

STP Wherever You Are 0

I consider this a public service.

Discover Stone Temple Pilots!


Deezer +1

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