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Marooned: From the makers of ‘Iowa Nice’ 0

I am a supporter of this project, and you should be too!

The Day’s Wanderings 0

All in under an hour…

Liviu Librescu

F.D.A. Finds Short Supply of Attention Deficit Drugs

Installing Jenkins on Ubuntu


Firefox Setup 9.0.1

Iowa GOP


Google Search: Buddy Roemer

From Reddit 0

Amused me on a busy busy day.

Booyah for T-shirts 0

That’s what attempts to bring. Locally inspired and screen printed.

A sample of wares:

Visit now!

The Smartest Iowan 0

I am that. At least for the week after the 18th episode. Have a look!

STP Wherever You Are 0

I consider this a public service.

Discover Stone Temple Pilots!


Deezer +1

The Museum of Broadcast Communication 0

I will have to visit this place whence I am in Chicago next. Possibly learning correct English of the written sort too there when I am maybe?

Have a lookie:

Expensive Shiny Rocks 0

Thank the sweet baby jesus for Sarah Haskins:

Totally ripping off Consumerist on this one, even if they can’t embed correctly (will prob be fixed when you click, at least i hope.)

‘The End’ 0

…seen from Wall Street as it happened [].

It’s an informative narrative.

Found via a Dkos diary

Deezer 0


Music from around the world, but the website is based in France.

I am currently using it to listen to Beck’s new album, Modern Guilt.


Discover Beck!

About Deezer [official site]

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