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As a web worker, technologist, and community media supporter I cannot support the bills known as SOPA and PIPA. I disagree on multiple levels with the transfer of speech rights to a group of private entities and the onerous ‘policing’ actions foisted upon independent content creators.

Contact your representatives and let them know how you feel:

Still around… 0

…just not publishing much. Busy times.

In the meantime, let this entertain you.

The Smartest Iowan 0

I am that. At least for the week after the 18th episode. Have a look!

Cubicle Defense 0

Thanks to Michael A for the link.

Which Side of the Road? 0

In preparing for an upcoming trip to France and Italy, I found myself wondering what side of the road I would need to place myself on when driving. Thankfully, Google found me someone to answer that question. Now I share it with you.

Which Side of the Road Do They Drive On?

A warm and happy friday to you all 0

…with a little help from Walter Wanderley.

STP Wherever You Are 0

I consider this a public service.

Discover Stone Temple Pilots!


Deezer +1

Happy VD 0

That’s “Valentines Day” of course.

All credit goes to Alicia’s memories.

Ridiculousness Disguised As Government 0

If you have been paying attention, you may have noticed that the United States government has reached a level of [choose your favorite] stupidity, ludicrousness, lack of institutional memory, brazen disregard for anything resembling reality, inferred hallucinogenic drug use, soul crushing asshattery, and intelligence insulting rhetoric that has surpassed any and all measure. I lament for our descendants and am redefining the upper bound of contemptuousness for the Federalist system.

Case in point, as beautifully and satisfyingly portrayed on Mr. Stewart’s lovely show:

I hope there will be a return to accountability and common sense within my lifetime. I also hope to live forever. I think the chances for both are just about equal.

BONUS: Pictures from the conflict zone taken by a local. []

ACM-Midwest Conference Highlight Reel 0

ACM = Alliance for Community Media

In my capacity of general community media support and a bit of Telecommunications Commissioner, I was in attendance at the ACM-Midwest’s annual conference held at the lovely Columbia College in Chicago.

I’m in the video below (web video guy).

I got to talking a little fast. Sorry.

The powerpoint I talk about is here.

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