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Why Is Your Wireless So Expensive, Yet So Crappy? 0

Broadband Reports takes a look, and, via GigaOm, finds the correct answer:

The real reason carriers are limiting services and charging more is to maintain control of what people can do on their networks.

That was easy. Changing that? Well…

Consumer Learned Helplessness 0

Getting to be a pandemic I would think…

Did you know that you can learn to be helpless? These days, a lot of people are showing signs of a new disease called CLH, or Consumer Learned Helplessness. Here’s how it works…


Facemined 0

It still boggles my logic unit that people don’t get that Facebook is the equivalent of a school locker that everyone can go through.

BBC Writes Facebook Data Mining Application

Some people don’t care. Others are just unbelievably naive.