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Bailiff @ The Mill. Feb 4, 2012 Iowa City, IA 0

Posting here so Anthony can find it.

Dubstep Kitty 0

DO level your speakers/headphones prior to enjoyment.

stereo skifcha from xgabberx on Vimeo.

Marooned: From the makers of ‘Iowa Nice’ 0

I am a supporter of this project, and you should be too!

Worth Repeating [HJR 6] 0

His parents should be proud.

I hope the Iowa Senate keeps with their pledge to let this awful, backward bill die.

The Hoff for Carl’s Jr. 0

Thanks, Al. 0

Al freakin Franken. Quickly becoming my favorite elected representative.

Case in point:

How To Report the News 0

Charlie Brooker breaks down the steps.

The Smartest Iowan 0

I am that. At least for the week after the 18th episode. Have a look!

Cubicle Defense 0

Thanks to Michael A for the link.

Soapbox Army 0

A band including a Kevin I know. If you’re in NYC, check em out sometime.

The Tower from Soapbox Army on Vimeo.

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