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Newsish 11/29/07 4

Sorry I haven’t been around, but we’ll always have NEWSISH:


Short and sweet, pile of links, much to do, this ‘work’ thing stinks.

I have a few more things to opine on later, might not be today.

A hoilday resource 0

Use it now and in the future if you happen to be in iowa.

Holidays Coming… 0

Don’t expect too much, except some possible Blackberry 8830 test posting.

Thats is correct, I did not go for the iPhone. For some reason I enjoy US Cellular…

Newsish 11/15/2007 0

Drive by newsish…

NEWSISH 11/14/07 0

This one’s gonna be lame as I have work to do…

Today’s Vocab words: arbitrage, eleemosynary

LATE ADDITION: Important though: Broadband data collection bill passes full House – This will hopefully give Congress reason to pressure broadband providers [telcos & cable] to get their butts in gear.

Another Late Addition: Cowbell Hero…

NEWSISH 11/13/07 0

It’s back, and all up in your grill, like so much propane. Taste the heat! NEWSISH:

New feature! Regreaser’s Pile of Links

Today’s vocab word: pericarp

Moving things along 2

It’s been a busy week! Don’t expect much from me until next Monday.

Vagina Power 0

This definitely gets its own entry. From a public access show in Atlanta. Probably not suitable for youngin’s. [H/T Josh]

Newsish 11/5/2007 0

¡Noviembre newsish, ahora mismo!

maybe some more later. maybe not.