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The Evolution of Optimus Prime Dancing 0

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Here’s the Original

Hawaii Chair 0

From a Brian I know.

Have a credit card? 0

Then you should watch this:

The Secret History of the Credit Card

Smoke on the Yangtze 0

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BONUS – A bear in a sock

Eastern Iowa News 0

And some is not good.

Frozen Phallus 0

Found planted firmly (snicker) on someone’s front porch by my sister and brother-in-law. Clicky here for the photographic evidence.

Art Imitates Life 0

Obay Son

An ad appearing in Ontario and Montreal on buses and bus stops. Click here to read the source post.

Being part of the information economy… 0

..the tale in the article below comes as no surprise to me, but I know it will jar some of the people in my circle a little. If you like your privacy, or just don’t like unsolicited offers and junk mail, please allow me to completely ruin your day with this link:

The Anonymity Experiment

So Important It Gets Its Own Entry 0

Has Broadband Finally Jumped the Shark? []

In my area, “duopoly” is the name of the game: Qwest or Mediacom. But how do we fix it? Internet as utility? Common carrier?  Deregulation surely doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. I plan to muse some more on this.

A day late… 0