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Set Your Piggies Free 0

Elmo and Ricky Gervais outtakes.

via Heidi’s facebook and the AP

Video Daily Double 0

Found both these on Facebook via the friend feed.

From Heidi:

From Pyatt:

Cat-vid tennis 2

The return for this from my sister

is below…

A Muppet moment 0

From Sister One

Help Out With Americorps 0

AmeriCorps*VISTA is in the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City area. Help out if you can.

You can follow the Iowa City area effort here:

For those in the Cedar Rapids area:

**Full disclosure** The lady of my life is currently a volunteer with the Iowa City effort.


The Combine Derby 0

My uncle sent me this:

The article this is from can be found here [WSJ].

Washington County Fair - July 2006
The blog proprietor in a non-combine derby.

NEWSISH! BACK AT YA, 1/25/2008 0

Here’s a pile o’ news for your discerning palate.

Good to be back, more as I find it

The day I don’t post anything 2

is the day my sister points out I have a blog.

Hello and welcome to all the Heidiheads.

Writing a narrative on a feeling 2

is not a feat I accomplish regularly. My sister, however, seems to have much more acumen.