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STP Wherever You Are 0

I consider this a public service.

Discover Stone Temple Pilots!


Deezer +1

Kafka International 0

Prague’s Franz Kafka International Named World’s Most Alienating Airport

Found via The Lede, a NY Times blog and reddit


Click on through.

Found via BalloonJuice

Set Your Piggies Free 0

Elmo and Ricky Gervais outtakes.

via Heidi’s facebook and the AP

Wait for it 0

8 year old me is extremely pleased.

We’ve secretly added bird flu to your vaccine… 0

Can you tell the difference?

If you’re a ferret, you will…because you die.

Thankfully this never made it to human subjects. But WTF?

via George-o-matic

Video Daily Double 0

Found both these on Facebook via the friend feed.

From Heidi:

From Pyatt: