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Happy Halloween + Newsish 1

Better plump up those brains…do it with NEWSISH:

Today’s vocab word: plenipotentiary

Newsish 10/24/2007 0

Some local, some telco, somebody put together some newsish:

Today’s Vocab Word: noumenon

The Fires of San Diego 0

I’m hoping to head west to see my California compatriots in February, one of which [regreaser] lives in San Diego. Hopefully it will still be there when I’d like to visit.

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Here’s some more on the fires:

Newsish 10/22/2007 0

We start the day with the IM buffer regreaser left me over the weekend:

Here’s some more:

Today’s vocab words: phenomenology, flocking

FRIDAY NEWSISH 10/19/2007 1

I eat a burrito after work on Fridays, thusly I call them “Burrito Fridays.” Yes I understand the level of innovation on that naming convention. But thats not why you are here. BRING OUT THE NEWSISH!

Light posting today. Enjoy your weekend.

Today’s vocab word: mantrap

The day I don’t post anything 2

is the day my sister points out I have a blog.

Hello and welcome to all the Heidiheads.

Newsish 10/17/2007 0

I haven’t the time to explain it to you, you just have to trust me. Now go, and take your newsish:

I have a job. Back later?

Newsish 10/16/2007 0

Tuesdays don’t require lead-ins.

Maybe more later, I’m pretty busy.

Today’s Vocab Word: Flatulence

Newsish 10/15/2007 0

I didn’t want to do this, but they made me.

More later.

Today’s Vocab Words: revanchism, femtocells

Newsish 10/12/2007 1

Bump it, grind it, now side to side. Good. Friday! Newsish! Do it!

Today’s Non-Existant Band Name: Injected Cognition

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