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GOP’s New Slogan Already Being Used To Market Anti-Depressant

Be sure to read down to the side effects.

If the Dems were a drug, what would they be? For the past 8 years, I’d have to say “Placebo“…

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I’ve been watching with interest the State’s takeover of the 1-cent local option sales tax, under the guise of ‘funding education’. While not fundamentally opposed to taxation, I am opposed to the idea of redirecting money that is slated for a specific purpose to pet projects or just budget shore-up (usually due to ‘unshoring’ somewhere else), without any explanation. So color me unsurprised by the following development, stated in his usually ‘eloquent’ way by State29: Local Option Sales Tax Money To Be Diverted To Corporate Welfare?

He also links to a resource I had not yet played with: BillWatch (Iowa Legislature). Am interested to see if its worth a damn. I’m guessing that none of the Local Mandatory Sales Tax will be going to foster and ensure transparency tools such as these…

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While you weren’t looking, people were deciding.

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It still boggles my logic unit that people don’t get that Facebook is the equivalent of a school locker that everyone can go through.

BBC Writes Facebook Data Mining Application

Some people don’t care. Others are just unbelievably naive.