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60 Minutes gets new blood 0

The sync gets a little off, but still funny.

Hungry 0

make me a sammich

Creator unknown

10 ‘Censored’ News Stories 0

Had no idea about #2, will have to look around further on that one…

Best Beavis & Butthead according to Stuff mag 0

interface-free, touch-driven computer screen 0

One of the coolest things I’ve seen in awhile.

Turkish Star Trek 0

Poor Ken… 0

Tastes like bacon… 0

Ballsy Monkey 0

Monkey picks on a couple adolescent tigers…

mur blog mur 1

FYI… Sickle cell anemia takes two genes for it to appear in offspring… most die before they can reproduce, why is it still in the gene pool then? one gene for SCE makes that person resistant to malaria.