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Sappy Sappy AWWWWWW! 2

I know Alicia will like this.

Cute Kittens Bop Their Head – Watch more free videos

SMB Flute Beatbox 0

That’d be ‘Skillz’, Kevbo.

Tim Robbins National Assoc. of Broadcasters Opening Keynote 0

Via a DKos diary, I’ve come across a speech rivaling that of Mr. Stephen T. Colbert. That of Mr. Tim Robbins, actor and ‘traitor’, as the keynote speaker for the NAB’s annual meeting.

Please listen and enjoy. [.mp3 format]

Here is a couple videos, in case that’s more your bag.

Part 1

Part 2

All Hail Barry Larkin 0

With all the protesting over the Olympic Torch Relay, not the least of which is its modern origins, I want to bring up another important point in its history:

Barry Larkin and the 1956 Olympic Torch Relay

Thank you, Mr. Larkin.

Excellent Use of the RickRoll 0

Westboro Baptist Church gets Rick Rolld – Watch more free videos