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Makeover 2

I like it, except it breaks at lower resolutions…get sidebar, then content. Guess them’s the breaks. [bad pun]

Like it, hate it? Here’s the post to sound off in.

“Shiva’s Nemisis” 0

Original Work by Priscilla Bracks. Click for source site & orginal size.

[It seems that the source link does not display in IE7. Firefoxers rejoice.]

Shiva's Nemisis - Priscilla Bracks

Image from the series Making the Empire Cross.

Priscilla’s been in the news for another one of her creations.

Via Daily Rotten

Fan Death? 0

Another interesting Wikipedia find from regreaser:

The belief is that an electricfan, if left running overnight in a closed room, can result in the death (by suffocation, poisoning, or hypothermia) of those inside. This belief also extends to air conditioners and the fans in cars.

Full article here.


Fan Death – the film?

Rage @ Alpine Valley 8/24/07 0

I went. It was great. Hell, it was awesome.

For a good concert-goer rundown, go read this guy.

For the Chicago Sun-Times version, go read this article.

I’ll put up my two decent pics I took after a bit.

Here’s the opener:

For the Two Banjo Enthusiasts 1

that I know.

Plastic Jesus

Here’s a tab and lyrics for any interested parties.

More Morgan Freeman 0

They don’t taste as bad.

Behavior Detection Officers 0

Not Kidding:

Behavior detection officers work in pairs. Typically, one officer sizes up passengers openly while the other seems to be performing a routine security duty. A passenger who arouses suspicion, whether by micro-expressions, social interaction or body language, gets more serious scrutiny.

A behavior specialist may decide to move in to help the suspicious passenger recover belongings that have passed through the baggage X-ray. Or he may ask where the traveler is going. If more alarms go off, officers will “refer” the person to law enforcement officials for further questioning.

I feel ‘freer’ every day.

Via Daily Rotten [updt’d w/ bonus comics!] 2

I do very much enjoy the xkcd webcomic, and I am interested to see the outcome of this adventure:
[Yeah, its hard to read, so click it.]

xkcd: Rule 34

Head on over to and submit yours. xD

UPDT – Since this is a comic post, I shall continue on its comic theme:

ISOTOWN - Just came across this, via Dinosaur Comics, which I came across via HogBlog.

Ozark Cousins 0

From the talented noggins at Harmony Joyride Productions:

After months of riding and roping, Ozark Cousins, the movie named after the album, named after the band, will have its world premiere on August 25h at 9pm! Can I get a “hells yeah!”? OK, a howdy will do. The flick is showing at Elegant Mr. Gallery in Chicago. The night is BYOB. Since it’s a cowboy movie that also stands for “Bring Your Own Boots.”

For the link impaired, here is the trailer fro this feature length music video. I suggest you check it out, then get in your car and get to Chicago. It’s OK to be early, just bring a sammich.


Playing to Win? 0

I can quit when I want:

If they don’t come prepared, they sometimes “just pee in the seat,” said Arnie Wexler, a recovered gambling addict who operates a gambling hot line and counseling service in New Jersey. “It’s not something the industry really likes to talk about.”

Wonder if the Riverside Casino has much problem with this.

Via Daily Rotten

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