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What’s Your Share? 0

I’d been wondering what I end up paying for all the BS and bloviations about the bailout, so I was pleased when Nick Johnson did the math for me (text from near bottom of post):

What’s Your Share?

Assume we have something like 120 million families or living units in America. (I’m going to use 100 million to make the math easier.) Assume all accumulated debt ($55 trillion, plus $11 trillion, plus, plus) is near $70 trillion headed for $100 trillion. The interest on $100 trillion, at 5%, is $5 trillion a year. Your family’s share? How’s $50,000 a year — just for the interest alone — sound? Your family’s share of the entire debt? About $1,000,000. So what’s happening is that these folks who’ve come from, and will be returning to, the Wall Street financial community, have decided to give you responsibility for paying off the mortgage on a one-million-dollar home — but one you’ll never get to see or live in (not incidentally because they’re already living in it).

Should I just declare bankruptcy now?

In all seriousness, how do we say ‘no’ to this crap? At some point the market will need to be allowed to punish all those morons that mis-mananged, deregulated and over-leveraged their complex/completely bullshit financial fairy-tale by allowing them and their companies to be completely wiped out. That the fools at Citi get to keep their shirts AT MY EXPENSE makes me want to puke.

No wonder people go for stuff like this.

Score? 0

This made the front of Digg. From the StarTribune:

While the Iowa Hawkeyes were scoring at will on the field Saturday night, two fans from the Hawkeye State were scoring elsewhere in the Metrodome.

Police say a man and woman were “having relations” in a bathroom stall as a crowd cheered them on.

Ross M. Walsh, 26, of Linden, Iowa, and Lois K. Feldman, 38, of Carroll, Iowa, were cited for misdemeanor indecent conduct. Walsh was released to his girlfriend and Feldman to her husband, police said.

A security guard came upon the scene in the handicapped stall, police said. Police were summoned, and they separated the two.

Both were intoxicated, said University Deputy Police Chief Chuck Miner.


Good Question… 0

A DKos diary asks:

If we want the same old guys running the same old scams, then why did we elect Barack Obama?

I have the sinking feeling that question will stick around as the cabinet picks keep coming. Keeping Gates? C’mon…

It’s Sad They Had To Choose 0


Unity ticket?

Really? 0

Lieberman Keeps Homeland Security Chairmanship

Dems keep reminding me why I de-registered as a Democrat. It’s beyond stupid that they’d keep him on, especially in a senior position.

Wishing for 3G 0

US Cellular still does not have 3G. They tell me it’ll be soon. Until then, here’s what I get…

UPDATE – Roaming around the web, found this tidbit:

Oct 28th – Launch EVDO (aka “Mobile Broadband”) in the following markets…..drum roll please…

Des Moines

Early 2009:
Remainder of Iowa (except IA16)
ETN/WNC markets
(Including TN3 & NC1)

4 Guys, 1 Cello 0

This is nothing like that other “# persons, # objects” meme. Promise.

Bolero, to 8 Hands.

How Big Is the Whale? [Phillies Rally Kid] 0

Phillies fans are a fun-loving group. This kid looks so confused.

Little Kid Rallies Philly Fans – Watch more Free Videos

via Digg

‘The End’ 0

…seen from Wall Street as it happened [].

It’s an informative narrative.

Found via a Dkos diary

It’s as if it never should have existed… 0

Market seems to be doing what markets do…correcting.

From AP/Yahoo!

According to the Dow Jones Wilshire 5000 index, Wednesday’s paper losses amounted to about $600 billion. By that measure, the stock market has shed $9.1 trillion since the index’s Oct. 9, 2007, peak.

This is coming some from the news that the US Treasury isn’t doing what it originally said it was going to do. I guess they’re on the ‘Change’ bandwagon?

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