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Creative Uses of Manpower 0

This picture is one. In 1918, 18000 Iowa National Guard soldiers formed a perspective oriented human statue of liberty.

Quite impressive.

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German Forklift Safety 0

The fun begins at 1:40.

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The Buckminster-meister Blows Your Mind 0

I’ll need to watch this again, and then again before I’ll get the whole point. Runtime approx 1 hour.

For the uninitiated, here’s R Buck’s wikipedia page.

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DUNE – The Re-Dub 0

Welcome to Larry Town.

Friday Fun with Leonard 0

This has been around awhile. Was reminded of it today via the IMDB for “Space Truckers,” which lead me to “Zombies of the Stratosphere,” of which Mr. Nimoy was a part of. Enjoy.

Morgan Freeman in ‘Easy Reader’ 0

A la The Electric Company