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A new cloud 0

A formation of clouds over Cedar Rapids 3 years ago is on the verge of being classified as a new cloud type. Oddly, the world has taken notice. Pictures at the links below.

Gazette Story

BBC Photoset [includes one of CR!]

We’ve secretly added bird flu to your vaccine… 0

Can you tell the difference?

If you’re a ferret, you will…because you die.

Thankfully this never made it to human subjects. But WTF?

via George-o-matic

The LHC gets Bizzy 2

Nerdcore to the next level: A rap explaining the Large Hadron Collider

via Wired, via reddit

How the ‘Net Works 0

Strangely relevant to a conversation I was having over lunch with the Lovely One. I bring you, via Ars Technica, the following informational article:

How the ‘Net works: an introduction to peering and transit By Rudolph van der Berg

I heavily suggest your perusal.

Begins with an S 0

…and it is not ‘sine wave’.

Click the pick to learn more.

I found that by reading reading this: Earthquake Lake

Cable Box as Carterphone? 0

Excellent thoughts on the developing lawsuit in Kansas over digital cable boxes and the rent-only option:

Subterranean Six-Mile Problem 0

Damaged tunnels cause power problems for UI [Press-Citizen]

It’s damp. It’s dark. It’s hot, and it’s got a funny smell.

This is the world of the University of Iowa’s subterranean tunnel system — six miles worth. Developed in the 1920s, it runs across campus.


At the peak of flooding, water filled the tunnels to the brink, Creed said. UI was forced to shut the system down.

“You get a water hammer. It would blow up the water pipes, or it could,” Creed said.

UI suspects water penetrated the tunnels from the Iowa River through manholes around the Iowa Memorial Union, he said.

I knew there were alot of tunnels, just not six miles. I also didn’t know what “water hammer” was either. I had to look it up.

More Flooded Than Ever Before 0

40,000 Cubic Feet Per Second

That is what the Coralville Reservoir will be outputting by the peak of this now conclusively historic flood. The scene is strange: sandbags everywhere, the slow creep of the river towards ground I walk over every day, the backup of traffic due to road and bridge closings. And we still have a week to go until the crest.

It’s hard to work during this time, especially with this view out the window:

All University staff located along the river have been asked to “decide which materials you would want to have with you if you are unable to access your office for several weeks.” Thought I’d throw that in just in case you thought “It can’t be that bad…”

And from a Co-worker’s family member, here’s a picture of Downtown Cedar Rapids, specifically 3rd Avenue:

Qwest’s main CO for East Central Iowa is located in this area and is now shut down, so Internet is down for all customers in the region. Not a good time for a web developer.

I will try to keep updating as I am able. For the picture people, the Gazette has tons. So does the Press-Citizen.

Who Dies? 0

While you weren’t looking, people were deciding.

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Newsish 10/22/2007 0

We start the day with the IM buffer regreaser left me over the weekend:

Here’s some more:

Today’s vocab words: phenomenology, flocking

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