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Hello world! 0

So, I got this cool domain name, figured its time I do something with it. I’ll be modding it after a bit to something cool, but for the moment its gonna be pretty bland. Basically this will be my foray into WordPress, as well as blogging in general. Not sure what I’ll write about yet, or if this will even stay as my own personal blog…had an idea to turn it into a big feed aggregator for blogs, tailored to user preference, as I sure as shit don’t enjoy all the bouncing around…anymore alot of the blogs I read could be lumped directly into categories much like a newspaper. I’ll hopefully write something for myself in the next six months and if its cool enough [or if some VC stumbles upon this and wants to fund me] I’ll show it to the world. Could possibly go all myspace-y with it and turn it into a social extravaganza…only time will tell.

Well, this thing has a comments section, so use it.