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Begins with an S 0

…and it is not ‘sine wave’.

Click the pick to learn more.

I found that by reading reading this: Earthquake Lake

Yes its been awhile 0

and I hope to write more soon, but I have yet to come up with a unifying theme of thought.

So instead, let’s increase your vocab: moral panic

Also, played “Rock Band” on PlayStation for the first time yesterday.ย  Interesting game, dangerously addictive. Our band is “The Punty Mutts”. Look for our CD to drop… ๐Ÿ˜‰

NEWSISH 11/14/07 0

This one’s gonna be lame as I have work to do…

Today’s Vocab words: arbitrage, eleemosynary

LATE ADDITION: Important though: Broadband data collection bill passes full House – This will hopefully give Congress reason to pressure broadband providers [telcos & cable] to get their butts in gear.

Another Late Addition: Cowbell Hero…

NEWSISH 11/13/07 0

It’s back, and all up in your grill, like so much propane. Taste the heat! NEWSISH:

New feature! Regreaser’s Pile of Links

Today’s vocab word: pericarp

Happy Halloween + Newsish 1

Better plump up those brains…do it with NEWSISH:

Today’s vocab word: plenipotentiary

Newsish 10/24/2007 0

Some local, some telco, somebody put together some newsish:

Today’s Vocab Word: noumenon

Newsish 10/22/2007 0

We start the day with the IM buffer regreaser left me over the weekend:

Here’s some more:

Today’s vocab words: phenomenology, flocking

FRIDAY NEWSISH 10/19/2007 1

I eat a burrito after work on Fridays, thusly I call them “Burrito Fridays.” Yes I understand the level of innovation on that naming convention. But thats not why you are here. BRING OUT THE NEWSISH!

Light posting today. Enjoy your weekend.

Today’s vocab word: mantrap

Newsish 10/16/2007 0

Tuesdays don’t require lead-ins.

Maybe more later, I’m pretty busy.

Today’s Vocab Word: Flatulence

Newsish 10/15/2007 0

I didn’t want to do this, but they made me.

More later.

Today’s Vocab Words: revanchism, femtocells

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