So here’s what I’m up to. These are not in order of precedence and are not exhaustive.


  • Design a system and workflow for aquisition, digestion/encoding, and documenting (metadata) of content into the PATV [ or any other non-multi-billion dollar production company ] content store, which itself must be designed. Have to read up on the following free techs: ffmpeg, mencoder, sox, dvgrab, and MP4Box. Also, RAID for storage?
  • Design/appropriate a digital playback solution for PATV. MPEG-4 preferred.
  • Research teleprompter solutions for PATV studio
  • Research studio control room designs (including equipment) appropriate for PATV.
  • Research internet streaming and content storage solutions for the Iowa City PEG channels. Ustream and are current favorites.
  • Research fiber optics, emphasis on Fiber to the Home deployment, and its applications to the Iowa City area.


  • This blog

This list is a work in progress…

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