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If you like falling on your face 0

this is the game for you.


The Hoff for Carl’s Jr. 0

Lazy Fashion 0


Jacob thinks the designer might be Leslie Hall.

We’ve secretly added bird flu to your vaccine… 0

Can you tell the difference?

If you’re a ferret, you will…because you die.

Thankfully this never made it to human subjects. But WTF?

via George-o-matic

1170% 0

…of your daily value of cholesterol. That is what this product promises.

Night of the Lepus 0

Being a rabbit fancier, I must find this movie. The horror!

via Cracked

Expensive Shiny Rocks 0

Thank the sweet baby jesus for Sarah Haskins:

Totally ripping off Consumerist on this one, even if they can’t embed correctly (will prob be fixed when you click, at least i hope.)

Resourceful Iowans 0

I wonder how lemon pepper would fare…

Previously On Heroes 0

Haven’t watched the season finale yet, but wondering if this clip plays into it at all. If not, it should have.

“There is no innocent explanation” 0

Thats the quote from the guy (Bernard Madoff) who defrauded his hedge fund investors of $50 BILLION.

I would posit that the same can be said for the rest of the current economic downturn.

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