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Arrested for Eating Ice Cream 0

Belarus, Flash Mobs and the Ice Cream Revolution

In Belarus, young people are employing flash mobs to push the boundaries of what the government will tolerate in terms of free assembly. Last Friday, flash mobbers descended upon a public square in the capital Minsk to gather together and eat ice cream. No rally, no speeches, no sit-in nor march – just standing around and eating ice cream

[Thx George]

Love in Late Life 0

Sad and fascinating story:

An Affair To Remember

She was 82. He was 95. They had dementia. They fell in love. And then they started having sex.

It’s hard to think about ‘adult’ topics as applies to those on in years. When does one lose the independence of who to love?

The Combine Derby 0

My uncle sent me this:

The article this is from can be found here [WSJ].

Washington County Fair - July 2006
The blog proprietor in a non-combine derby.

Consumer Learned Helplessness 0

Getting to be a pandemic I would think…

Did you know that you can learn to be helpless? These days, a lot of people are showing signs of a new disease called CLH, or Consumer Learned Helplessness. Here’s how it works…


Eddy n Rex (love the ladies) 0

Find more videos like this on Droppin Shorts

Kev’s NY Film Debut!


Now they’re not even pretending you have privacy or 4th Amendment protections. If the president says…

Random Links 0

Still cleaning out the “Draft” bin…

Show Stuff 0

These may or may not end up on the Jubi Show. It’s been languishing in “Draft” for awhile now. Hopefully the other show persons will stop by and weigh in. Frankly, I don’t know why the PDF is in there.

The theme is most certainly Beef.

Comparison 0

The United States House of Representatives seats 435 persons. That number was limited by law in 1911. It amounts to roughly 1 Rep. for every 693,000 people (if distributed equally).

The British House of Commons currently seats 646. This number is set by the Boundary Commission. It amounts to 1 MP for every 94,000 (if distributed equally).

More Flooded Than Ever Before 0

40,000 Cubic Feet Per Second

That is what the Coralville Reservoir will be outputting by the peak of this now conclusively historic flood. The scene is strange: sandbags everywhere, the slow creep of the river towards ground I walk over every day, the backup of traffic due to road and bridge closings. And we still have a week to go until the crest.

It’s hard to work during this time, especially with this view out the window:

All University staff located along the river have been asked to “decide which materials you would want to have with you if you are unable to access your office for several weeks.” Thought I’d throw that in just in case you thought “It can’t be that bad…”

And from a Co-worker’s family member, here’s a picture of Downtown Cedar Rapids, specifically 3rd Avenue:

Qwest’s main CO for East Central Iowa is located in this area and is now shut down, so Internet is down for all customers in the region. Not a good time for a web developer.

I will try to keep updating as I am able. For the picture people, the Gazette has tons. So does the Press-Citizen.

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