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Facemined 0

It still boggles my logic unit that people don’t get that Facebook is the equivalent of a school locker that everyone can go through.

BBC Writes Facebook Data Mining Application

Some people don’t care. Others are just unbelievably naive.

Tim Robbins National Assoc. of Broadcasters Opening Keynote 0

Via a DKos diary, I’ve come across a speech rivaling that of Mr. Stephen T. Colbert. That of Mr. Tim Robbins, actor and ‘traitor’, as the keynote speaker for the NAB’s annual meeting.

Please listen and enjoy. [.mp3 format]

Here is a couple videos, in case that’s more your bag.

Part 1

Part 2

All Hail Barry Larkin 0

With all the protesting over the Olympic Torch Relay, not the least of which is its modern origins, I want to bring up another important point in its history:

Barry Larkin and the 1956 Olympic Torch Relay

Thank you, Mr. Larkin.

Have a credit card? 0

Then you should watch this:

The Secret History of the Credit Card

So Important It Gets Its Own Entry 0

Has Broadband Finally Jumped the Shark? []

In my area, “duopoly” is the name of the game: Qwest or Mediacom. But how do we fix it? Internet as utility? Common carrier?  Deregulation surely doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. I plan to muse some more on this.

Odetta & Radoslav 0

Radoslav Lorkovic, a current client of my website design business, and a former brother-in-law, was recently on the Tavis Smiley show performing with folk legend Odetta. I thought it best to share. Follow the Youtube links after the video for more Odetta, and for more Radoslav, visit his site or his mySpace page.

If you are breathing right now – Part 2 0

you must be aware of what is happening around you.

You should wonder why this happened. Not everything is as it should be.

Part 1

Rage @ Alpine Valley 8/24/07 0

I went. It was great. Hell, it was awesome.

For a good concert-goer rundown, go read this guy.

For the Chicago Sun-Times version, go read this article.

I’ll put up my two decent pics I took after a bit.

Here’s the opener:

Ozark Cousins 0

From the talented noggins at Harmony Joyride Productions:

After months of riding and roping, Ozark Cousins, the movie named after the album, named after the band, will have its world premiere on August 25h at 9pm! Can I get a “hells yeah!”? OK, a howdy will do. The flick is showing at Elegant Mr. Gallery in Chicago. The night is BYOB. Since it’s a cowboy movie that also stands for “Bring Your Own Boots.”

For the link impaired, here is the trailer fro this feature length music video. I suggest you check it out, then get in your car and get to Chicago. It’s OK to be early, just bring a sammich.


HST: Ode To Jack Kerouac 1

Just think of it, man. [MP3, right click-save as]

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