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Who Dies? 0

While you weren’t looking, people were deciding.

Via Digg

Sappy Sappy AWWWWWW! 2

I know Alicia will like this.

Cute Kittens Bop Their Head – Watch more free videos

Tim Robbins National Assoc. of Broadcasters Opening Keynote 0

Via a DKos diary, I’ve come across a speech rivaling that of Mr. Stephen T. Colbert. That of Mr. Tim Robbins, actor and ‘traitor’, as the keynote speaker for the NAB’s annual meeting.

Please listen and enjoy. [.mp3 format]

Here is a couple videos, in case that’s more your bag.

Part 1

Part 2

Humanity Lobotomy – Network Neutrality video 0

via Digg

In the midst of watching, will comment more later.

The Evolution of Optimus Prime Dancing 0

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Here’s the Original

Smoke on the Yangtze 0

via EarthGoat to College Humor

BONUS – A bear in a sock

Eastern Iowa News 0

And some is not good.

Bad Math 0

Via HogBlog [clicky for cute cat picture!], we have:

The Circular Stupidity of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis

NEWSISH 11/14/07 0

This one’s gonna be lame as I have work to do…

Today’s Vocab words: arbitrage, eleemosynary

LATE ADDITION: Important though: Broadband data collection bill passes full House – This will hopefully give Congress reason to pressure broadband providers [telcos & cable] to get their butts in gear.

Another Late Addition: Cowbell Hero…

NEWSISH 11/13/07 0

It’s back, and all up in your grill, like so much propane. Taste the heat! NEWSISH:

New feature! Regreaser’s Pile of Links

Today’s vocab word: pericarp

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