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It’s back. And just in time for you to read it. Aren’t you glad? You are now!

Today’s Vocab word(s): deep linking

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Not all on paper.

  • Version Control With Subversion
  • “The Fountainhead” – sorta. Alicia says I’m supposed to read it, and I agreed. Pointers, George [or anyone else]?
  • “Schooling in a Corporate Society” – even more sorta. The cover beckons me, need to scan it and share.

Like saying it out loud and writing it down, all at once.

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I have a bit of an Ars-fest this morning:

You like the list look? I do.

Post anything you’d like listed in the comments. I’m phoning this one in today.

Today’s Vocab Word: veridical

Clever’s Newsish Items 10/3/2007 1



Don’t have a clue on the upcoming City Council At-large primary? Don’t know the candidates or what they are offering? Then take a look at the City Channel’s video voter project, an unbiased service to the community to educate the public as to the persons running and the policies they advocate, utilizing equal time streaming video segments. I really must commend those at the City Channel for putting this wonderful resource together.


  • Pulsejets down under
  • A comet loses its tail
  • Congress blinds DHS’s space-borne eye of Sauron, postpones domestic spy plan
  • Another follow up: Blackwater Hearings Ain’t no Superbad – A Wired correspondent’s take on the hearings yesterday. A good quote:

    What I found especially telling, given the consistently weak grasp of the issues, was that multiple representatives opened their remarks by talking about how Blackwater contractors protected them while on visits to Iraq. They often meant this as a compliment to the firm, and also a way of establishing their credentials on the issue. But it usually backfired, revealing a lack of simple curiosity. It showed that they’ve known about the massive use of contractors for years – they just didn’t bother to ask any questions, even when the issue was in their faces.

  • All hail Tweety:

I’ll probably find more. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments.

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Just gonna drive-by on these:

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