I eat a burrito after work on Fridays, thusly I call them “Burrito Fridays.” Yes I understand the level of innovation on that naming convention. But thats not why you are here. BRING OUT THE NEWSISH!

Light posting today. Enjoy your weekend.

Today’s vocab word: mantrap

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  1. regreaser on October 20th, 2007

    chris dodd is my hero today, or maybe for him, gutting the constitution is in a higher price-bracket than Rockefeller & Reid – who are being paid by the teleco’s to include immunity in the FISA bill..

    dirty dirty dirty,,, the money is just diverted to the ‘left’ when the power changes hands… this telecom thing really is a “linchpin” in this whole mess of excecutive overreach,,, it will all be covered up if the telecoms cant be sued in civil court. we should ask ourselves what it means if this cycle isn’t interupted, if dodd fails.

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