Clever’s Newsish Items 9/13/2007

So far on this ‘blog’ it’s been mostly internet findings, but not too much serious stuff. In an effort to show more than 1 dimension, I am going to try a daily post of ‘newsie’ items. At first this will just be a collection of links, but at some point I hope to add some commentary [informed or otherwise] and possibly elicit feedback from those of you who care to comment.

I’ll still be posting the oddness I find in my internet journeys, but I thought that if I’m going to be representing myself on the internet with a blog, I’d better actually ‘represent’. Thusly…


Oil BuddiesTalking Points Memo

ISB&T Changes NameIC Press Citizen

FCC to cable: You must support analog TVs until 2012 Ars Technica

Big Ten Network losing confidence in Mediacom Deal – CR Gazette
Live in Iowa City and have a complaint that Mediacom isn’t addressing? Let your cable administrator know!

I will be updating this post throughout the day.

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