Hybrid NEWSISH-Awesome Pile 9/27/2007

I only have one awesome thing at the moment, but the day is young. There will be no segregation, so it’s up to you, the viewer/reader [which one is it?!] to decide the categories.

I am also accepting nominations for either category.


Scramble 1 pilot, emergency space suit! We have a mayday!

Maxon commits $10M to Earthpark project – Read the comment there, then check out State29’s post on the subject. Nicholas Johnson weighs in as well.

Encyclopedia Pictura – I found that in Miss Witherspoon’s candy drawer.

Mark Twain’s plans to compete with copyright “pirates” (in 1906) and “ABC is a pimple on the elephant’s behind” Ted Koppel – The latter does some political bloviating, but its the thoughts on copyright that both are here for.

The Contracting Racket – Mr. Marshall gives some news and commentary spurred by yesterday’s Appropriations Committee meeting.

As deadline looms, Senate still debating fate of Internet tax moratorium – This is insanely important to the future of telecommunications. Both state and local legislatures have wanted to use such taxes as a revenue stream. As part of the ICTC I will be attempting to put together a panel discussion on the subject. Drop me a line in the comments or via email [see about page] if you have any input. Further reading here.

Kelp ‘forests’ found in the tropics.

Q&A with Ridley Scott on Blade Runner: The Final Cut – I will be watching.

FCC commissioners: US in dire need of “national broadband strategy” – More telco stuff. While you may not find all these interesting, consider it good that someone does, otherwise your broadband connection is going to stay sucky.

“Rainbow Vegas” – Interesting approach. I do hope they realize that the declaration of unconstitutionality does not force any churches to sanctify same-sex marriages, thusly they can keep the church’s traditions. But I guess we need laws to regulate our naughty bits…

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  1. George on September 27th, 2007

    Earthpork, haha- grassley’s love-child concieved with a power-drunk republican senate on a dirt road just off pennsylvania ave, or Oregon-group-porn.


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